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Getting The Most Cash Back from Rakuten

Are you a fan of getting free stuff? (Who isn't, right?) Well, if you're also a fan of travel and shopping, you might want to consider signing up for Rakuten. Why? Because right now, Rakuten is offering a sweet deal: sign up for Rakuten and you could get $40 in free gift cards!

Now, you might be wondering, "What the heck is Rakuten?" (And that's a valid question because the name is a little weird. Is it pronounced "rah-koo-ten" or "rah-koo-tin"? It's the former, by the way.) Rakuten is basically a website that lets you earn cash back when you shop at certain stores online. So if you're planning to do some online shopping anyway (which, let's be real, who isn't these days?), you might as well get some money back for it, right?

Signing up for Rakuten is pretty easy. From their website, you'll enter your email address and create a password. (And no, you don't have to worry about Rakuten spamming your inbox with a bunch of junk mail. I mean, they might send you a few emails about cash-back deals and stuff, but it's not like they're going to start sending you cat memes or anything.)

Once you've signed up for Rakuten, you can start earning cashback by shopping at any of the stores that Rakuten partners with. (And they partner with a LOT of stores, so chances are good that some of your favorite retailers are on the list.)

When you make a purchase, Rakuten will track it and add the cashback to your account. Then, quarterly, Rakuten will send you a "Big Fat Check" (their words, not mine) with all the cash back you've earned.

But back to that sweet deal that will get you $40 in free gift cards! Here's how it works: if you sign up for Rakuten using this link, you'll get a $40 bonus after you make your first purchase of $40 or more through Rakuten. (And yes, that purchase can be at any of the other stores that Rakuten partners with, so you're not limited to buying something from, but that's the best deal to get started.)

The $40 bonus will come in the form of a quarterly cash-back payment sent to your PayPal account by Rakuten; effectively reimbursing you for your gift card purchase!

OH! And, you can also earn another $40 for yourself by referring a friend or family member to Rakuten and having them also sign-up and make a purchase.

So basically, signing up for Rakuten is a win-win. You get cash back for shopping online like you normally would, AND you can score some free gift cards just for signing up. What's not to love? So go ahead and give it a try. Who knows, you might end up loving Rakuten so much that you start pronouncing it "rah-koo-tin" just for fun.



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