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Review: The Parlor Suite at the Historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

We had the pleasure of enjoying a fantastic one-night stay at this remarkable hotel during a quick business trip to Spokane. This historic gem holds a special place in American hospitality history as it is listed on the National Register for Historic Places. When the Davenport first opened its doors in 1914, it was hailed as a pioneering establishment, being the first hotel in the USA to offer numerous amenities that were ahead of its time. These included air conditioning, its own pipe organ, the first housekeeping carts, and accordion-style dividing walls in the ballrooms. Such innovative features made The Historic Davenport truly stand out.

In 1985, this grand hotel sadly fell into disrepair and remained vacant until 2000 when a visionary local couple recognized its potential and saved it from demolition. They embarked on an ambitious restoration project with the goal of returning the property to its former glory. Their efforts paid off, and today, The Historic Davenport shines as a testament to its rich history and splendor.

As a loyal member of Marriott Bonvoy with elite status, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a proactive upgrade to a corner Parlor Suite on the 8th floor. The suite boasted a spacious and inviting living area, partially separated from the bedroom by an open layout. Additionally, the suite could be adjoined to neighboring rooms on both sides, making it an ideal choice for larger groups or families seeking a substantial urban apartment experience.

Among the Davenport family of hotels in Spokane, The Historic Davenport holds the distinction of being the most historic property. It pays homage to the turn-of-the-century charm that captivated guests when the hotel first welcomed visitors. The design seamlessly blends old-world elegance with contemporary comforts, ensuring everyone has a memorable and delightful stay.

During our visit, we had the pleasure of experiencing several dining highlights of the hotel. The Peacock Lounge, situated off the main lobby, proved to be a haven of relaxation and indulgence. We ate some really delicious bar food (get the WSU Cougar Gold dip!) and delighted in the extensive selection of handcrafted cocktails and mocktails. It was the perfect place to unwind after a busy day of meetings. If you're a gin drinker, the Lilac City cocktail was super good.

The Palm Court Grille, the hotel's main restaurant, transported us back to the grandeur of the Gilded Age hotels in New York City. Its opulent decor and exquisite cuisine created a dining experience reminiscent of a bygone era. I recommend seating in the open-air lobby. It's good for people watching.

One of my favorite specialties of The Davenport is its unique peanut brittle. In the beforetimes, Elite Members used to get a little box of this candy goodness as a welcome gift. That didn't happen this time, so I made sure to purchase a box (or two) from the gift shop on the morning of our departure. It's a delightful souvenir to savor the memories of our stay. It even made it the entire ride home!

Overall, our experience at The Historic Davenport was nothing short of fabulous. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a remarkable hotel in our relative backyard. If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Spokane, we highly recommend considering a stay at this grand hotel. If you do, please let me know, and I would be more than happy to assist you with reservations!



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