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About Me

I've always found joy in travel and exploration. From childhood trips in the back seat to once-in-a-lifetime journeys to the South Pacific, every opportunity to travel has provided me with a new perspective or lesson. 

I also know that planning travel can be anywhere from stressful to downright painful for a lot of people. I'm here to take that burden off your hands so that you and your chosen travel companions can spend more time enjoying the journey and less time worried about the trip.

My personal travel destination passions are Las Vegas, Mexico, pretty much all of Europe, and popular LGBTQ cities and countries. 

Chances are that if you've thought up a vacation in your head, I've read about it and already have my own fantasy trip planned there, too.

So let's get you and yours out in this big, beautiful world of ours! Connect with me below and I'll take it from there.


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On my first day in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, I was able to unlock a major bucket list item: drink directly from a coconut.

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